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1 the quality of being free from change or variation [syn: stability] [ant: inconstancy]
2 the tendency for perceived objects to give rise to very similar perceptual experiences in spite of wide variations in the conditions of observation
3 faithfulness in personal attachment (especially sexual fidelity)

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  1. The quality of being constant; steadiness or faithfulness in action, affections, purpose, etc.
    • 1871, Charles Darwin, Descent of Man, ch. 7 "On the Races of Man,"
      Constancy of character is what is chiefly valued and sought for by naturalists.
  2. An unchanging quality or characteristic of a person or thing.
    • 1602, William Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well, act 1, sc. 2,
      younger spirits . . .
      whose constancies
      Expire before their fashions.

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The quality of being constant
  • French: constance
  • Portuguese: constância
An unchanging quality or characteristic of a person or thin


  • Webster 1828}}

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abidingness, accordance, adherence, adhesion, age, allegiance, antiquity, aplomb, application, assiduity, assiduousness, attachment, balance, balanced personality, bona fides, bond, bonne foi, bulldog tenacity, calm, ceaselessness, changelessness, chattering, clockwork regularity, coeternity, commitment, concentration, consecutiveness, consistency, consonance, constant flow, continualness, continuance, continuity, continuousness, cool, correspondence, daily round, dedication, defeat of time, defiance of time, devotedness, devotion, diligence, dingdong, diuturnity, dogged perseverance, doggedness, drone, durability, durableness, duration, endlessness, endurance, engrossment, equability, equanimity, equilibrium, eternalness, eternity, even pace, even tenor, evenness, ever-duringness, everlastingness, everness, faith, faithfulness, fastness, fealty, featurelessness, fidelity, firmness, firmness of mind, fixedness, flintiness, foreverness, frozenness, fullness, gaplessness, good faith, hardening, homage, homeostasis, homogeneity, immobility, immovability, immovableness, immutability, imperturbability, incessancy, indefatigability, indestructibility, industriousness, industry, infinite duration, infinity, inflexibility, insistence, insistency, interminability, invariability, invariableness, inveteracy, jointlessness, lastingness, long standing, long-lastingness, long-livedness, longevity, loyalty, maintenance, methodicalness, monolithism, monologue, monotone, monotonousness, monotony, nerve, never-endingness, noninterruption, obstinacy, orderliness, oscillation, patience, patience of Job, perdurability, perennation, perenniality, perennialness, permanence, permanency, perpetualness, perpetuity, perseverance, persistence, persistency, pertinaciousness, pertinacity, plenitude, plodding, plugging, preoccupation, pulsation, punctuality, quick fire, quiescence, rapid fire, rapid recurrence, rapid succession, rapidity, regularity, relentlessness, reliability, repetition, resolution, rigidity, rootedness, sameliness, sameness, sang-froid, seamlessness, secureness, security, sedulity, sedulousness, sempiternity, settledness, single-mindedness, singleness of purpose, singsong, slogging, smoothness, solidity, soundness, stability, stable equilibrium, stable state, staccato, stamina, standing, stasis, staunchness, staying power, steadfastness, steadiness, steady nerves, steady state, steeliness, stick-to-itiveness, stubbornness, stuttering, substantiality, successiveness, survival, survivance, sustainment, systematicalness, tattoo, tenaciousness, tenacity, tie, timelessness, tirelessness, torpor, treadmill, tried-and-trueness, triedness, troth, true blue, trueness, unbrokenness, unceasingness, unchangeability, unchangingness, undeflectability, undeviation, undifferentiation, uniformity, unintermission, unintermittedness, uninterruptedness, uninterruption, unity, unrelievedness, unremittingness, unruffledness, unshakable nerves, unshakableness, unswerving attention, unvariation, unyieldingness, vibration
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